How will she know when it's time to place her husband in nursing care?

Part 1

Denise’s decision: How will she know when it’s time to place her husband in nursing care?

Randy and Denise Thomas built a good life together. But nine years ago, Randy began to change. He became forgetful and uncaring. The eventual diagnosis: a degenerative brain disease. Now Denise struggles with the question of whether to place her 63-year-old husband in nursing care. It’s a decision that will confront more and more Americans.

Part 2

A balancing act of care and costs

Facing a vast labyrinth of financial and legal information, Denise turns to an expert for help. If she decides to place Randy, how will she pay for it? What will she have left to live on?

Part 3

A family torn

Although Denise ultimately will decide whether to place Randy, she isnít the only family member with an opinion. Their two sons are split, and Randyís mother, 83, fears her sonís condition will only worsen.

Part 4

‘Are we going to go?’

Denise Thomas has considered all her relatives’ positions, for and against, on placing her husband, Randy. Now a spot has opened at a facility she likes. After an agonizing weekend, the outcome of her decision surprises all.